Macros Q&A: When to Change Your Macros, Macros on Your Period, Weigh Foods Raw vs. Cooked & More

Macros Q&A: When to Change Your Macros, Macros on Your Period, Weigh Foods Raw vs. Cooked & More




Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

Macro counting for some is a very new concept, and for others they have been doing it for a while but not sure what to do when their lifestyle changes. If you’re sitting there wondering when you need to change your macros up or if you should change your macros during your period versus your cycle, then you’re going to want to listen in.

Today, I have a very special episode that I'm excited to dive into. I've got my matcha half drink so you know I'm prepped and ready to go for this one. I love asking you guys, what questions do you have for me? So in today's episode, I’m answering some of the questions you sent to me over on Instagram, and provide even more information on them than I do on Instagram.

Some questions I’m answering are: What is biofeedback? What’s the minimum number of calories an adult female requires? Do macros impact the body differently depending on their food source? And so much more! So many good questions, so listen on in to get clearer on macros and how they will impact you!


Topics covered:

  • What is your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and why its important you don’t eat at or below your BMR
  • Why hitting your calorie goals as opposed to your protein goals should be your main focus when it comes fat loss or body maintenance
  • When you should be weighing your food
  • How to keep log of your food when dining out
  • How do you know when its time to change up your macros
  • Understanding the thermic effects of food and how it impacts your body and overall health
  • How you can follow the 80/20 rule in your diet plan for long-term sustainability
  • Taking a holistic calorie approach during your period


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