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Macro Nutrition, Simplified.

In my courses, I teach you how to become your own macro coach! I break down everything you need to know to find success with macro-tracking: from the how's to the why's and everything in between. 

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3 Steps to Transform Your Body with Macros

Not sure where to start with your macro tracking .. or just want to learn more? Step into my free training where I break down how to work with your metabolism to achieve fat loss, for good.

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Master your macros

The Macro Body Method

Become a macro pro. Learn everything from calculating your macros & the in's and out's of each phase to navigating intuitive eating and proper lifestyle habits to support lifelong results.

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Getting started with tracking

Macro Logging & Tracking Mini Course

Logging and tracking can be complicated at first, so I break it down for you! Sharing bite-sized video walk-through's for best practices and tools to hit your macros every day. Learn how to track alcohol, meals out & more!

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"You helped me heal my metabolism — being in a space where I am no longer fighting with, or punishing, my body — is magic."

Katerina, past Mindin' My macros client

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