Episode #13: Cleaning out your medicine cabinet with Lily Galef
Episode #13: Cleaning out your medicine cabinet with Lily Galef
Your podcast for all things macros, movement, mindset and everything in between

The Mindin' My Wellness Podcast

The Mindin' My Wellness Podcast brings you weekly episodes packed with tips, tricks and lessons from Dani, Founder of Mindin' My Macros, and other industry experts in women's health, to take your health to the next level.

We get real about women's health to help you look & feel your best.

The Mindin' My Wellness Podcast brings you your weekly dose of macros, movement, mindset and everything in between, to help you feel confident and empowered to elevate your health & wellness.

From solo episodes to guest interviews with industry experts in women's health, we share simple, effective and manageable tips you can take away from each episode and implement in your daily life to look and feel like the best version of you.

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Hey, I'm Dani!

HOST OF The mindin' my wellness podcast

After years of yo-yo dieting and struggling to feel my best, I swore off low-calorie diets once and for all. By understanding how to eat, move and think to support my unique body and goals, I never had another day 1 of dieting ever again.

Today, I've helped over 1,000 women look and feel their best through sustainable nutrition and lifestyle methods that don't require you to give up your favorites foods, do hours of cardio or spend hundreds of dollars on weight loss supplements.


3 Steps to Transform Your Body with Macros!

In this free training, discover the reason you've been struggling to lose weight and keep it off, plus my 3 step method you can implement today to change your story and start seeing results that last! 

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Dani truly knows what she's talking about! She has helped me learn so much more about macros and a balanced lifestyle. Follow her tips to feel your very best!
Sadie Rigby
Dani is so knowledgeable on all things nutrition. She goes deep on each topic and delivers the information in such easy, "bite-sized" tid-bits. I'm learning something new every time!
Dani makes it so easy to understand the steps I need to take to live my life sustainably in order to reach my goals. I love listening to her podcast while I'm working out!
Millie Bradshaw
If you're looking for helpful information on how to create healthy habits that are sustainable, highly recommend this podcast. Dani teaches you everything you need to know on hoe to real your fitness goals while still living a balanced life. Love!
I listen to a ton of wellness podcasts, and "Mindin' My Wellness" is already proving to be a dependable source of clear concise information on nutrition and fitness. I am listening to this while I get my steps in every day!
Dani is so insightful! She shares her own struggles with health and fitness over the years that are SO relatable. Love her fitness and health suggestions that are realistic and actually work! She even talks about the science behind why certain routines and diets do not work. I also love her IG and her delicious recipes she posts! Her platform is so beneficial for helping distinguish and track macros! can't wait to implement all her suggestions and tips in my current fitness journey!
Faith Baehman
This is already a top favorite listen because Dani is so authentic with her education she shares. Women struggling with what to eat and how much to eat is such a common problem and Dani is brilliant at breaking it down for us so we can learn to help ourselves. Everything she shared is empowering and who doesn't need a little bit of empowerment on the regular?!
This is a great podcast to listen to as you're making lifestyle changes! Dani gives you all the tips and tricks you need to know to get started in creating a balanced lifestyle. I also love how open she is about her journey and progress which is both encouraging and motivating. I can't wait to listen and hear more!
I love Dani so much and she has totally changed my perspective on health and wellness. Her podcasts is so informative and I leave all of her episodes so uplifted and well equipped!! I relate to her story and am learning to find freedom with food and getting stronger with her tips and tricks!! If you are looking to transform your life for the better, follow her immediately!!
I've been following Mindin My Macros for about 1.5 years now and let me tell you- she CHANGED the way I think about food and about weight loss in general! I spent years restricting and not seeing results. Since I started following her practical tips for tracking macros (whether on an app or intuitively) and following her lead on strength training (SO Sadie active!!), I've seen incredible and sustainable results! Dani is obviously so knowledgeable and gives advice in very digestible ways! I am so so pumped for this podcast and 10/10 recommend!
After following on IG for a while I was THRILLED to see this podcast launch! Not only does this podcast give me useful, actual tips, tricks and advice that I can use in daily life, but it's a fun listen. Sometimes health or wellness podcasts are a real bore that give zero practical guidance but NOT HERE! A joy to experience and I look forward to all the future episodes.
Krisa D.
I have been following Dani for a while now and I absolutely love her! When I heard she was starting a podcast I could not wait... and let me tell you I was not disappointed! Not only are her podcasts extremely informative and applicable but there are the perfect bite sized bits of information. That's what I love about them most. They are the perfect length and packed with just enough info to apply but not too much to feel overwhelmed. I also think her messaging applies to anyone at any phase/point in their fitness/wellness journey. My only complaint is that I listen too quickly and am already ready for the next episode!
I found out about the podcast through her Instagram "mindin my macros" and I'm so glad I did. So far she has helped me learn so many things about health, and just understanding the body. In the past when I have asked someone about macros or understanding them and how they work for my body no one has ever taken the time to break it down and she does that and so much more. Thank you! Also, if you want yummy/easy recipes make sure to follow her on insta.:)