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Let me guess...


You've tried every diet under the sun, but still can't seem to lose the weight... (and keep it off).


Leveraging macros can change everything:


  • You stop your restrictive dieting patterns, learn how to eat more of the right foods, and miraculously lose weight
  • You stop fearing certain foods, labeling them as "bad" or "off limits," but instead learn how all foods can live in balance. You can have your cake and actually eat it, too. **wink wink**
  • You no longer feel the need to grab for that afternoon cup of coffee
  • Not only are you losing weight, but you're gaining some muscle and finally look toned.
  • You start feeling more comfortable around the food choices you're making, knowing that all foods fit into a balanced diet

The Macro Accelerator


The Macro Accelerator is an exclusive, 4-month+ coaching program that offers both 1:1 attention and group support, to help you reach your goals with the right education, accountability and coaching, all while feeling connected in a community of other women on a similar journey.


Let me tell you a little about this program...

You'll be leaving this program not only with a new-found confidence, but with the knowledge and tools to see results that last.

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The Macro Accelerator is for you if:

  • Whether you're brand spanking new to macros or a seasoned pro, you're looking for the support and accountability of a coach to get you where you want to be
  • You're tired of food restriction and elimination diets with little to no lasting result
  • You're self-motivated and ready to learn, but want the accountability from direct coaching
  • You want the support of an entire community & to connect with other women on a similar journey 
  • You're here to make change, you're here to see results and you're here to do it all while having fun!

What's Included?

1:1 Onboarding Call

30 minute private zoom

To kick off your program, you'll meet with your coach to talk through goals, dieting history, lifestyle and more to build the best plan for you to conquer your goals beginning day 1!

Daily Direct Communication

Private slack group

You'll be able to communicate with your coaches (M-F) and fellow program members within the private Slack channel. Have questions, want to share your win, feeling stuck? We're there to support!

Bi-Weekly Progress Check-in's

2x per month

You'll complete your check-in form reviewing your macros, exercise, daily movement, lifestyle habits, measurements and biofeedback to assess week-over-week progress and make adjustments to stay on course to hit your goals.

Live Coaching Sessions

1 x 60 min session per month

Each month, we'll meet LIVE as a group to discuss learning material, answer questions and chat through common scenarios to educate you for a lifetime of success on your health journey.

Free Resources & Community

Receive access to a member portal with a library of resources & downloadables and access to the Private Mindin' My Macros Slack Community.

Access to The Macro Body Method!

for the length of your program

The Macro Body Method is my course that provides you step-by-step guidance to mastering macros for lifelong & sustainable results. Think of having this course as the cherry on top of joining The Macro Accelerator. You'll have coaching and group support, and the course helps you learn how to master macros as you transition into independence from the group!

Throughout the program, you'll have daily support

Private Slack Community 


Feel confident in knowing you have support at your fingertips. Monday-Friday, through a private Slack community with direct access to your coach.


What Others Are Saying about this Program..


Janet C.

"I can't thank you enough for your guidance. Over 13 lbs and over 7% body fat lost, and I've even managed to gain a bit of muscle mass along the way! I'm really glad I found you and want to share so more people can feel the way I feel."

Jen V.

"Thank you so much for helping me learn more about macros. Like I said on our call, I feel so empowered now - a new feeling for me when it comes to food. I wish every woman could see how much eating the right kinds of food can make a difference!"

Sarah B.

"I'm down 13 pounds in 2 months, am noticing my clothes fitting differently, have more energy and desire to keep moving, and have really enjoyed trying to meet my macros daily. I am so grateful for your program and our time together!"


The Investment

4 Month Program



Best Value

4 Monthly Payments


Most flexible

Upon applying, your application will be reviewed. If your application is accepted for The Macro Accelerator, you will be receive an invite to schedule a FREE 15 minute intro call with Dani.


More from past program alumni..

Meet your coaches

Hi, I'm Dani!

NASM Certified Macro + Fat Loss Coach, Hormone Specialty Certification

Dani has helped over 450 women lose weight, build muscle and discover lifelong results through the power of the right macronutrient makeup for their body & goals, while implementing sustainable lifestyle habits to have them looking and feeling their best for years to come. She is passionate about helping women achieve their health goals without compromising a life well lived.

I'm Kayla!

NASM Certified Macro Coach, Certified Personal Trainer

As a certified macro nutrition coach, as well as a certified personal trainer, Kayla has helped hundreds of clients on their journey to implement a healthy balanced lifestyle. Kayla is passionate about creating a sustainable approach for her clients to reach their goals while building habits to feel the best version of themselves inside and out for a lifetime.

I'm Julia!

NASM Certified Macro Coach, AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor

As a certified macro nutrition coach, Julia has helped a wide range of clients from various backgrounds realize the power of macros and ditch the all or nothing mentality. Julia is passionate about teaching her clients how to reach their goals by adequately fueling their body, committing to movement that they enjoy and building sustainable habits that provide long-term results.

And, I'm Orvette!

NASM Certified Macro Coach

As a certified macro nutrition coach, Orvette has helped clients balance their busy lifestyles and still reach their goals since 2021! Orvette has loved fitness and nutrition for most of her life. After having her son she realized she didn't have time to work out like she used to. Eating was the only way that felt possible to still reach her goals. She had to figure it out for herself, and now that she has she loves helping others find that same macro magic! 


Are you a full "YES!" to finally looking & feeling your best?

Now's the time to prioritize YOU.