About Dani

Hi, I'm Dani!

I help women achieve their health goals without restriction

I started with my own macro journey.

Throughout my life, I was always active and ate fairly healthy, but could never achieve the results I truly wanted. I wanted to be toned & lean. I did (almost) everything under the sun to try to achieve it - fad diets, restrictive eating, fasting windows, extensive exercise to the point I ran myself into the ground.

At a certain point, I knew that what I kept doing just wasn't working. I discovered an approach to nutrition that was foreign to me - tracking macronutrients and eating to FUEL my body vs. fight it. 

I'm passionate about helping other women achieve their health goals without compromising a life well lived.


The incredible thing about following a macro-focused diet is that we can still enjoy a very full life - one with vacations and events and days without tracking! My goal is to help as many women as I can find success with this sustainable way of eating, and incorporate it into their life with ease.

You should know...

  1. Dessert is my favorite meal, and I don't go a day without it! Cookies, brownies, ice cream - you name it, I love it!
  2. Don't make me choose between italian or mexican food, because we'll be late to dinner 100% of the time if left for me to decide. 
  3. I grew up a competitive figure skater, turned track hurdler, turned yoga teacher.. and now strength training is my game.
  4. I live with my husband and pup in sunny San Diego, where daily bay walks are my jam.
  5. And yes, I'm still bummed Flo Rida didn't perform live at my wedding..

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