Will Macros Work For Me?

Will Macros Work For Me?




Here’s what to expect from this episode:


Hands up if you’ve tried the Keto diet…maybe the Whole30 diet, or maybe that diet that your aunt heard from friend of a friend that “worked wonders”. *Raises hand* Yep! I’ve been there too until I learned about the world of macros.

Today, we are taking a step back and diving into the question I receive all of the time - “Will macros work for me?” In this episode, I discuss what macro tracking is, what macros actually are, how a macro focused approach to nutrition can achieve your specific goals and when to know whether or not it is the right method for you in this season of your life.

So whether you are new to macros or believe you have unique aspects within your life that may hinder your results when it comes to this approach, this episode should clear it up for you. My goal for you is to walk away either thinking “YES” it’s something you’d like to try or “NO” it’s not the right approach for you and either way that is okay!

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Topics covered on macros:

  • What each macro’s role is when it comes to responding to your body
  • Why Keto, Whole30 and other cookie cutter diets don’t usually work 
  • How a macro focused approach differs from any other diet
  • The end goal to macros and how you won’t need to track forever
  • How your hormone health might not support fat loss and why this will affect this macro focused approach


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