Why I Stopped Tracking Macros

Why I Stopped Tracking Macros



Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

I get it, it can be pretty scary to go cold turkey and say sayonara to tracking your macros. Especially when you’ve been seeing such great results. The tools and the results speak for themselves, however when you track for an extended period of time you can get to a point of burn out and today, with my eight tips, this is what we are trying to avoid.

You may not be 100% confident yet in eyeballing portion sizes or perhaps you’re anxious about your self control if you didn’t have the numbers to keep you on track. Either way in this episode we go into why I stopped tracking my macros after a five month stint and my eight tips that I would recommend to slowly transition from tracking to mindful eating.

This episode isn’t necessarily for those who track macros currently, it is just as beneficial for those who need some non-tracking tools to help them with their own health journey when it comes to nutrition. I assure you, after you listen to this episode you will have a different type of toolkit to make you feel comfortable when it comes to harnessing your nutrition.


Topics covered on macros:

  • Definition of maintenance and why this is a great time to not track
  • The burnout surrounding tracking and how to avoid it
  • The different ways you can transition into mindful eating
  • How to build your meals around a protein source and the importance of placing protein as the focal point in your meals
  • How to build a balanced plate to help regulate your blood sugar levels
  • Why distractions can lead to overeating in the long run and ways you can minimize this
  • Understanding your hunger and fullness cues
  • Learning how to practice portion control
  • Practicing non-judgement and going easy on yourself 


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