Transitioning Off of Hormonal Birth Control with Maddie Scannapieco

Transitioning Off of Hormonal Birth Control with Maddie Scannapieco



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

Ever felt that unsettling uncertainty when considering the switch off hormonal birth control? You're not alone. In this episode, Maddie and I delve deep into the often-overlooked effects of birth control on the body.

From actionable advice for a seamless transition to demystifying the perplexing world of post-birth control syndrome, we guide you every step of the way. Dive into holistic techniques, explore essential diet and lifestyle adjustments, and get the lowdown on when and how to approach testing. 

No matter where you stand - whether you're contemplating a change, knee-deep in the transition, or navigating post-use symptoms - we've crafted this episode just for you. So, ready to unearth these invaluable insights? Dive in with us!


Meet Maddie:

Maddie Scannapieco is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner specializing in women’s gut and hormone health. She helps women get to the root cause of and heal frustrating symptoms like acne, PMS, IBS, thyroid conditions and more by understanding the “why” and restoring function in the body to get back to optimal health. She uses functional testing in her practice like GI Map, DUTCH and HTMA testing and follows a “test vs. guess” methodology to get life changing results based on individualized data.


Topics covered on transitioning off birth control:

  • Maddie’s own journey with birth control 
  • The effects of birth control has on your hormone levels and menstrual cycles
  • What is post-brith control syndrome and what symptoms to look out for
  • The impact of diet and lifestyle on your hormone health and gut issues
  • What is leaky gut, the causes and how to heal it
  • The lack of information about risks and side effects from doctors prescribing birth control pills
  • How to prepare your body for at least three months before stopping the pill
  • What foods to be avoiding when getting off the pill and the core foods you should be focusing on to allow your body to reset better
  • Maddie’s top recommendation when it comes to hormone testing that will give you the best accuracy and information
  • What alternative methods you can look at to help prevent pregnancy 


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