From Small to Strong: Evolving Health Through Strength Training with Sadie Rigby

From Small to Strong: Evolving Health Through Strength Training with Sadie Rigby




Here’s what to expect from this episode:

Feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, your tired and your metabolism is out of whack? I’m here to shed some light with my first guest on this podcast, strength training gal pal Sadie Rigby! You can expect a lof of myths busted around strength training for women and instead replaced with the hard facts that this type of training has major benefits for women.

If you’re thinking something needs to change, what was once thought of as “male dominated sport” actually can help you fix your metabolism at any age, increase muscle tone, every day living through functional strength and more! 

We go into both of our journey and hit all of the basics for anyone new to strengh training so you can get the best knowledge of how you can start implementing it into your busy schedule. Besides tips, throughout this episode we share how protein helped Sadie see ultimate results, dug into the different cycles, why maintenance is our favorite and what equipment you should be investing in to have an effective workout when starting out!

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Meet Sadie:

Sadie Rigby is an ex-collegiate cheerleader and cardio queen who took a chance on strength training to improve her health, and now helps thousands of women feel confident, energized and strong every day within her strength training app Sadie Active. Through this app, Sadie helps women show up to the gym with powerful, strategic programming and instruction in their pocket so that they can have a tool for long-term consistency and developing a lifestyle that will leave them feeling strong, and confident and give them that toned physique!


Topics covered on evolving health through strength training:

  • What the benefits strength training has for women
  • What proper strength training looks like
  • What progressive overload is and why we should be implementing it to get the ultimate results
  • Simple ways to incorporate strength training into your busy routine
  • Where to start if you’re new to strength training


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