The Psychology Behind Our Eating Behaviors with Jiordana Saade

The Psychology Behind Our Eating Behaviors with Jiordana Saade



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

Ever said to yourself, gosh, why don't I have the willpower? Like, what's wrong with me? Why can I not stick to this diet? Guess what, 98% of diets fail and it’s really not your fault. In this episode, we dive into why this isn’t your fault. You’re wired a certain way, but you’re not alone. The binging and restricting you do on a week to week basis goes deeper than sheer willpower, it’s all in the power of your mind and in this episode you will learn how to conquer it so you can relinquish that power and create a healthier relationship with yourself and food.

We dive deep into how labeling certain foods as bad or off limits can be our demise, why binge eating occurs on a cognitive level, how much the conscious mind plays in our food choices versus the subconscious mind and what to do to start taking control over your eating behaviors to bring back your power around food and so much more.

Jiordana has a lot to share, and she gracefully shared her story that took her from the brink of obesity to her battle with substance abuse to diving head first into figuring out the core reason as to why we feel the way we feel when it comes to addiction and food. This is an amazing podcast episode and I hope you get some really good nuggets out of it!


Meet Jiordana:

Jiordana Saade is a psychological nutritionist, hypnotherapist and eating behaviour expert with an educational background in behavioural neuroscience. Jiordana runs a vibrant practice that focuses on the connection between mental health and nutrition and our relationship with food. She works one on one with clients, and in small groups to help facilitate permanent changes around eating behaviours, and reprogram the nervous system to end self-sabotage. Jiordana firmly believes in the brain-body connection and helps clients to recover their mental and physical health through the use of Holistic Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Hypnotherapy and Behavioural Psychology.


Topics covered on eating behaviors:

  • Why you can’t stick to a diet
  • What to do to navigate yourself out of the binge and restrict cycle
  • Tips for eating out of boredom
  • The psychology behind food triggers
  • How to train your brain to engage with food
  • How hypnotherapy can help with willpower


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